Ultimate Alphas: Cody Ware

Cody Ware is easily one of the coolest and most successful members of the Entering Manhood community, and he was gracious enough to write this exclusive piece for us on his background, his passion for racing, and thoughts on life.

I’m Cody Ware, 24 years old from Greensboro North Carolina. I’ve grown up in a family of hard working race car drivers. I am a fourth generation racer; it all started with my great grandfather who had a passion for cars and racing. My grandfather followed suit and passed on the racing genes to my dad, then to me.

My father has always sacrificed everything to do what he loves, and has instilled the same into me.

I have always balanced a fine line as a professional racer. Typically the better equipment you are in, the less you get paid, so you fall into a situation where you have to decide if it’s more important to make lots of money or win and be competitive. I always do my best to get by and as long as I can take care of myself and pay my bills, so winning and being up front is my number one priority.

Racing is one of the most bittersweet sports on the planet. Facing so many trials and heartbreaks, way more than the sweet moments, it takes a toll. But the rush is like no other. Putting your life on the line and going fender to fender with another driver at 180mph is an insane feeling. Trusting yourself and your competitor enough to do things like that is something that can’t be practiced or simulated until you go out and do it.

The adrenaline and rush keeps me coming back for more, and I am always fighting for more chances to get onto the track.

In life I have learned to speak the truth and lay it out in a blunt and honest fashion, and I wear the hate with honor, because it’s a small price to pay. Keep your friends close, your family closer, and thank God in all that you do.

– Cody Ware

In the 2019-2020 Asian Le Mans Series (@asianlemansseries), Cody finished first in the LMP2Am, clinching the victory at Sepang Circuit in Malaysia. He is pictured here at the awards ceremony this past February.

Cody Shane Ware (@codyshaneware) is an American professional sports car racing, stock car racing, and motorcycle racing driver. A third-generation driver, he is the son of NASCAR driver and team owner Rick Ware. He currently competes full-time in the Asian Le Mans Series, driving the No. 52 Ligier JS P2 for Rick Ware Racing.