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You Can Overcome Swamp Ass With Three Ways

It’s a hot one! Flowers are blooming and birds are chirping. With that, the days are longer and the nights are getting more interesting. Beach bums are hitting the surf and sand daily, while business guys take advantage of a “target rich” rooftop bar scene. Amplifying the excitement is the opportunity to meet new people, hook up and fall in love. Unfortunately, for guys in places like New York and Miami, soaring temperatures bring ugly humidity. This means it’s time to dread the infamous “swamp ass”. Lucky for you, there are three ways you can overcome swamp ass.

Sadly, swamp ass can be so dreadful it can send a guy home early due to either the discomfort or insecurity that it can cause. We’ve all been there: it starts with some light perspiration down the back, and ends with your boxers being drenched like you just sat in a puddle.

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It’s not only gross, but it could end up killing your vibe and preventing a hook up with a hottie. You may be looking your best, but you can’t hide the fact that your boxers are wetter than a puddle. Aside from completely avoiding the great outdoors, how do you avoid this humidity-created monster?

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Overcome Swamp Ass With Powder

There are a few key tricks to keep you cool and dry during the warmer months. The first involves powdering your boxers or briefs before leaving the house. Get a bottle of talcum powder and lightly cover the interior of your undies. It’ll keep you nice and dry for a bit, and it’ll buy you some time before the swamp ass monster rears its ugly head.

Sweat Wicking Underwear

If you’re concerned having powdery fresh privates will hurt your closing ability, don’t sweat it (no pun intended). We have another solution for our perspiring brothers. Try buying some moisture absorbing, cool underwear. The best ones we’ve been able to find are the Airism boxer briefs by Uniqlo, and the Ejis Sweatproof Boxer/Briefs. They’re thin, stretchy, and keep you cool while, absorbing a ton of moisture. Uniqlo also makes undershirts that serve the exact same purpose, eliminating massive back or pit stains during the summer months. Both are highly recommended for sweaty bros out there.

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A Quick Change Can Overcome Swamp Ass

The last tip is not as efficient but still does the trick, depending on what you’re carrying or where you end up. Guys that carry a briefcase or a backpack could absolutely use this as their “go to” trick for overcoming swamp ass. Carry a spare pair or boxers or pants with you in your bag, and change in the bathroom when you have a second. Nothing beats having a fresh, clean option.

Other than these three tricks, we are fresh out of solutions, as Mother Nature usually gets the best of any man. If powder, moisture absorbing undies, or carrying a fresh pair doesn’t work, your sweaty ass is bound to be swampy through Labor Day. Stay dry out there, brothers!

– Your Big Bro