Ezra Miller – More Untouchable Hollywood Gutter Trash

Ezra Miller is quintessential Hollywood. He’s a passable actor, but like most famous windowlickers, getting paid millions to perform and then shut the fuck up just isn’t enough. He’s also a gender-nonconformist, serial lawbreaker, and cardholding member of the pronoun police.

Ezra made his parents proud yet again this week with a new participation trophy: arrested for felony burglary. The Flash star decided to steal alcohol from somebody’s home in Vermont, adding to his superlatives of legal defiance.

Note that I said defiance, not setbacks. Oh no, this walking stereotype is, unsurprisingly, still making bank and dodging jail every step of the way. As if it’s not clear enough already, the law doesn’t apply to his kind. Warner Bros. doesn’t seem to care, either. 

Despite canceling Batgirl for arbitrary reasons, the studio is sticking with The Flash, which is due to release next year. Thing is, Flash has become a real-life femboi supervillain and cancel culture doesn’t know how to spin it.

On one hand, he’s a burglar-groomer-confrontationalist. Worse than that, he’s a white man. On the flip side, he’s also a nonbinary shit stain which grants immediate favor with weakminded apologists everywhere, instantly disqualifying all critiques against him.

Verdict: Miller will not be canceled. 

Why does this matter? Simple. Miller is a problem that needs to be addressed, yet authority doesn’t care. Big business doesn’t care. The general public doesn’t care. But we should. If not for sake of karma, perhaps for freedom and the future of censorship. 

Ya see, Miller is armed with feelings and isn’t afraid to use ‘em, even if it means infringing on free speech. Example: During one of his arrests, officers used the term “sir” to address Miller. Completely unacceptable.

“I’m not a sir; I’m transgender nonbinary,” Miller honked. “If you fail to do that again, it is an act of intentional bigotry, and it is a technical hate crime according to U.S. Federal law.”

Fuck this guy. Trod all over common law, then threaten police for assault with a deadly salutation? We’d call him a cancer, but even tumors are capable of growth.

I’ll repeat it for those in the back. The issue with Miller is not his sexual preference or stance on gender. It’s not an exclusive problem. Instead, it’s that Ezra Miller act-alikes are becoming commonplace in society – fragile armies of failed humans hiding behind loopholes and excuses, collectively subverting repercussions while forcing their views onto our daily lives. We have become so weak, so powerless, that an errant pronoun holds more weight than a butterfly knife when used against the wrong party. 

Cancel culture will not stop these festering boils. Mainstream media is on their side. The only option is to remain strong and support fellow men and women who don’t subscribe to this drivel. The clowns are running the circus, gentlemen. Just don’t eat the peanuts.

-FR Chesterfield