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Interview Follow Up

Are you looking for a new job but can’t seem to land one? One of the reasons you may not be getting that second interview could be your follow up. The follow up correspondence used to be pretty standard, but recently I’ve noticed a decline in this activity. People just aren’t taking the extra time to send a thank you.

Generally speaking, this email should be sent with twenty four hours of your prior interview. If the interview occurred on a Friday, you can send it Monday morning. This shows the employer that you are seriously interested in the position, have strong business etiquette, and appreciate the time they gave you to meet.

Not sure what to write? Consider this example as a pretty standard format for a thank you follow up email:

“Hey NAME,

Thank you for making time to meet with me to discuss the ____ role. Our discussion furthered my interest in the opportunity, and based on what you’re looking for in the ideal candidate, I could absolutely see myself succeeding in the role. Please let me know if you need anything else from me to finalize the decision. I look forward to hearing back from you.



Do this, and you will improve your chances on landing that sweet gig you want!

-Your Big Bro

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