Rules for Life

Say “Thank You” To Be More Likeable

It takes seconds to do, but so few people actually follow through with it. Why has saying these two words become so difficult? Or rather than being difficult, has it become a forgotten component of common courtesy? We all feel its annoying to be robbed of a thank you, regardless of the severity of the transgression. So, it’s wise to say “thank you” to be more likeable.

How irritating is it when you hold the door for someone and they pass by you without a peep? That probably makes you feel like their personal doorman. Consider a more infuriating example: you paid for a bar tab and nobody showed any gratitude for the generous gesture. Does anyone really deserve to be treated that way? You already understand the importance of showing gratitude for your individual blessings. Similarly, that expression of gratitude is equally important in your interpersonal communication.

Kramer Thinks You Should Say “Thank You”

Are people actually too busy or self-interested to take three seconds out of their day to say “thank you”? Even a buffoon like Cosmo Kramer understood the importance of this mandatory rule of etiquette.

“Good manners are the glue of society”

– Cosmo Kramer (Seinfeld)

The “thank you” expresses an acknowledgment of goodwill and in turn, keeps that door open for future acts of generosity. Sadly, the moment you forget to thank someone, you shut that door and create lots of bad feelings between you and that person. Essentially, the “thank you” is required to maintain a warm relationship with your benefactor.

Consequently, the forgotten thank you sends one of several negative messages, including:

  • I am not appreciative of your gesture
  • Your gesture was not enjoyable or important
  • I’ve forgotten your kind act
  • I am entitled to your money (or favors)
  • You owe me things
  • I don’t respect your time, money, or resources
  • I am spoiled

Ways to Express gratitude

Every time you fail to give a proper “thank you”, you are conveying these undesirable traits about yourself. You do not want to come across as an ungrateful ‘taker’. As a result of today’s digital connectivity, you have multiple means of communicating your gratefulness, including:

  • phone call
  • email
  • text or SMS
  • Facebook post
  • Facebook message
  • DM on any social platform
  • snail mail letter
  • messenger service
  • video message
  • in person meeting

Those are ten ways to express gratitude, some of which require all of three seconds of your time. If you can sit on the toilet scrolling through Instagram, or lay in bed swiping left and right on dating apps, you can certainly find time to cultivate your personal relationships and show that you are not an entitled, nor selfish. So, take a moment to say “thank you”; you’ll be glad you did.

-Your Big Bro