OnlyFans: More Simp Fodder for Weak Men

Newsflash: there are naked women online, and plenty of them live on OnlyFans.

Shocking. In other news, there are millions of porn sites that make up a substantial chunk of the web. Two of the top 10-trafficked websites in the world serve adult content to billions of horny consumers.

So what makes OnlyFans different? For the uninitiated, OnlyFans is a subscription hub for anyone to share “premium” or “exclusive” content to their fanbase. Just so happens that smut tops the list of deliverables.

Yep, many of these so-called social influencers are now mobilizing their audiences into perverted armies who simply can’t wait to watch their creator of choice play “Hide the Dignity” on a public stage. 

Media Support for OnlyFans

Sounds like pretty standard fanfare, right? Attention whores selling their body to the highest bidder – nothing new here. Except … it’s semi-mainstream and, gasp, borderline celebrated.

The media seems to love showcasing OnlyFans “success stories,” promoting the bravery of uploading one’s bare breasts for the world to pay and see. It’s usually under the guise of women being grossly underpaid (what else is new?) and therefore given no choice but to clap their own cheeks online for money. Now, we’ve reached that point in societal implosion that we’re cheering this type of behavior. 

From former teachers to ICU nurses, these women are proudly cashing in their self-respect while a platoon of simps foot the bill. No, seriously, the stories here are completely off the rails. Check out one about a Mormon mother that opened an OF account after her husband’s death. 

“I explained to my daughter that celebrating my body is not something to be ashamed of,” the woman told The New York Post atop her cloud of self-absorption. “And that’s what I hope people in the church will come to realize, too, when my secret is eventually out.”

So classy. You go, girl!

Sigh. How the hell did we get here? 

onlyfans simp men

OnlyFans: A Haven for Weak Men

Weak men with loose wallets, of course. The ol’ mainstay rings true: weak men are easily swayed and manipulated by half-dressed women. These women, right or wrong, are showcasing a practical display of economics. Where there’s simp demand, a female gold digger will follow with at least two handfuls of supply. 

Men justify the OF investment because, and I’m not kidding, it supposedly brings them closer to the performer. What’s better, women often politicize this (and other sex work) as some perverted form of “empowerment.” Nothing says “respect me as an equal” like relegating yourself to mastubatory material for manchildren. 

Ahem. Just so we’re keeping score, OnlyFans is the furthest thing from female empowerment. Recognize that this is textbook exploitation, and proof that some people have nothing worth selling outside of their skin (and that liberal arts degree won’t pay for itself, ya know?). 

“Cam girl” shouldn’t be atop your preteen daughter’s dream job list, but the media won’t stop praising OF’s financial upsides. “Limp-wristed enabler simp” seems like a reasonable path for any young boy, going by social media trends and PC stalwarts. This, of course, is amplified and championed by a vocal minority of sex-positive freedom fighters who seem to value freedom of carnal expression over common decency.

Why would your child think otherwise, if not for parental intervention or input from a proper role model? Step up, because the change starts with you.


Men: Grow up, be more confident, and stop supporting OnlyFans. Find a woman, treat her right, and earn a rewarding and fulfilling sexual relationship without the monthly subscription fee. Break the cycle; toxic women love simps.  

Women: Your efforts to normalize sex work negate reason to take you seriously. Show an ounce of class. Put a shirt on. Find a career worthy of the standards you otherwise set for yourself. Remember that your friends and family are watching.

-F.R. Chesterfield