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Why Your Appearance Matters in All Life Situations

Don’t believe the liberal media hype. Contrary to the “woke” narrative, we do not have to accept everything and everyone. While it’s ‘kind’ to prevent yourself from judging a book by it’s cover, ultimately this behavior is hard-wired into our DNA and has helped our species evolve and survive over thousands of years. Hence, it’s logical to have standards! As a man, you should understand why your appearance matters in all life situations.

your appearance and evolution

It’s Science: Your Appearance Matters

Why do we judge on appearances and what causes us to hold people to standards? Over time, trial, error, and learning have taught our species certain behaviors and attributes improve our chances of survival and reproduction, while others don’t. Just as we learned to eat certain plants and avoid more poisonous ones, other standards emerged due to their contribution to, or detraction from, our efforts to continue our species.

For example, someone who is clean is less likely to carry germs and bacteria.
A man who is physically fit has a better chance of producing strong offspring AND living a longer life than someone who isn’t. Similarly, a groomed, well-dressed man demonstrates attention to detail, discipline, access to resources, and responsibility. These attributes should theoretically help him attract a mate and find a job.  

Unsurprisingly, most people in society have standards for appearance, attire, etiquette, and grooming. While idealistic, it’s not okay to accept all deviations from said standards. Appearance absolutely matters, and it’s on you to control what you can to be the best version of yourself.

your appearance and dating

Attraction and Dating

Trust that appearance is a crucial factor in dating. The first step is physical attraction, which is dictated by appearance, then scent, and finally personality. You likely won’t even get an opportunity to get close to her and have a conversation unless you look good to her.

If you’re single, this should motivate you to look your best at all times, as you never know when you’ll encounter your future girlfriend. For a committed man, knowing this should encourage you to continue to look your best, providing you want to continue your relationship. Sadly, men who appear lazy and unkempt can have their relationships can go off the rails. 

Your Appearance and Your Job Search

For 95% of employers surveyed, personal appearance is a contributing factor when determining whether an applicant is suitable for the job. (Forbes, 2015).  People don’t want to do business with those who appear to be lazy, undisciplined, or lack focus and attention to detail.

Guess what? Within seven seconds of meeting you, people look you up and down and make a determination on who you are. They do this whether they’re conscious of it or not. First impressions matter, and the way you physically present yourself is half the battle.

Think about it: if someone is wearing dirty, beat up shoes, what does it say about them? They either don’t care how they look, or they don’t have the financial means or presence of mind to rectify the situation. None of these reflect positively upon the individual.

On the flip side, if someone is wearing a tailored blazer, fitted pants, and their overall appearance is clean and neat, what does it say about them? They pay attention to the details and care about how they represent themselves. This man DOES possess the means and presence of mind to maintain a strong appearance. This man appears competent, observant and capable. 

Representation of Self

Many studies have shown attractive people to have a multitude of life advantages. The book “Beauty Pays” demonstrates how society favors attractive people, and how better-looking people experience obvious benefits in all aspects of life. Economist Daniel Hamermesh did studies that showed they’re more likely to be employed, work more productively and profitably, receive more substantial pay, obtain loan approvals (with better terms), and have better looking, highly educated spouses. 

While tech entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk may be worth billions, it doesn’t mean their super casual style or lack of fitness should be something you emulate. Unless you have a world-changing idea, you’re still competing with 99.9% of the general population for employment, friends, and a date. As such, give yourself every advantage you can, including presenting the world with the best version of your physical self.

your appearance matters

Guidelines for Maximizing Your Appearance

To ensure you’re doing this, consider the following guidelines:

Physical Fitness: Are you overweight? Do you have decent muscle size and tone?
Grooming: Is your beard/facial hair kept neat? Do you “manscape” unsightly hairs in places like your back, shoulders, and unibrow? Do you trim your nose hairs?
Skin: Is your skin kept clean and clear? Does it look healthy, or is it oily or dry/flakey?
Scent: Do you smell nice? Wear deodorant? Cologne? 
Mouth: Do you get your teeth cleaned twice a year at the dentist? Do you brush and floss? Have you fixed any unsightly issues?
Hair: Is your hair kept looking neat and clean, or do you look like a caveman?
Clothing: Do your clothes fit your body correctly? Are they in good condition or do they look ragged? Do you show any style?

In summary, keep these things in mind as you do some self analysis. All of them are within your control, so if you’re unsatisfied with them make a plan to improve. After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

– Your Big Bro

“Clothes and manners do not make the man, but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance.”

– Arthur Ashe