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Act Now! Your Valuable Time is Limited

Act now! You only have this one precious life, and your time on this Earth is limited. Once life is over, your opportunity to make an impact on this planet ends. The number one regret people have on their deathbed is that they wish they spent more time with the people they love. Worrying less and forgiving more rounded out the top three. The lesson: act now! your valuable time is limited. How do you go about maximizing your time here?

“The trouble is, you think you have time”

– Jack Kornfield

Time Is Limited and Death May Be Close

For some, death will be eighty years from now. For others, eighteen. The less fortunate will only have eight years. Tragically for many, it may only be eight months, weeks, days or hours. Acknowledge your time here is not guaranteed. With each day that passes, you have less time here. In fact, you are running out of time right now. Know this and let it create urgency for you. Deep down you accept you are not completely fulfilled, and there are things you desperately want to do in this world that you’re just not getting around to. You owe it to yourself to maximize your life experience. Knowing this, test your limits and learn how far you can go.

To see your full potential, ditch meaningless time wasting people, behaviors and activities. Stop them from distracting you from your most important goals. Learn how to take control over your time by focusing and optimizing, making the most out of your twenty four hours in each day. Ideally, this starts with having a mission every day, week, month and year. The mission should be your purpose for living. It is your entire framework. Once you establish your mission, build goals that act as stepping stones towards completing that mission.

stop wasting valuable time is limited

Stop Wasting Valuable Time

As you analyze your behavior, eliminate all actions that do not contribute to the goal. You will be surprised with the amount of meaningless behaviors you’ve adopted over the years. They eat up large chunks of your time; your most valuable asset. Would you leave your money in stocks that continuously lose value, weakening your collective portfolio? If you monitor and optimize your money responsibly, why wouldn’t you treat your time the same way?

Time and health are the two most valuable assets for all humans; without either, you’re doomed. To optimize both of these, consider the following behaviors and your propensity to engage in them:

  • watching television
  • scrolling through social media feeds
  • arguing with strangers on the internet
  • searching for a gif for the group chat
  • fighting over trivial things (politics, sports)
  • celebrity news
  • worrying (about almost anything)
  • holding grudges
  • treating a hangover
  • complaining about your boss
  • long commutes
  • thinking about what other people say/think
  • fantasy sports
  • gossiping
  • video games
  • looking up your ex on social media (and their new guy)
  • filtering your Instagram photos

These are just some of the ways you are currently wasting your life away. Sure, many of these things are enjoyable. Be honest with yourself and acknowledge you spend too much time with trivial things instead of more meaningful activities. These are taking the place of more worthwhile human experiences that you’ll end up regretting on your deathbed.

Remember that you will die one day; it’s unavoidable. Never stop creating your legacy and doing things that will enrich your life. Don’t settle, unless settling is what you ultimately want. Prioritize the most important aspects of your life. If you don’t need it, eliminate it. Anything bringing negativity should be cut immediately. Live your best life while you still have time.

-Your Big Bro

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