Rules for Life

Deconstructing the DNA of Success

If you’re feeling stuck in life and can’t figure out why some people succeed and others fail, this article is for you. 

Yes, some people have certain advantages which make things easier for them. Incredible natural ability, resources (especially money) and family connections can put someone ahead of the curve. Sometimes it can put them in positions they haven’t earned or don’t qualify for. 

This article isn’t about them. It’s about everyone else. The 99% of us. Regular people without Lebron James’ natural athletic ability, Elon Musk’s genius level intellect, or Trump family money.  

The meaning of success can vary from person to person, but no matter what that definition is, it’s attainable with the right formula. Anyone can be “successful”.  That level of success can vary from person to person. Life isn’t a Disney movie, and the harsh reality is that some people have lower ceilings than others. However, anyone can figure out how to have some degree of success.

The DNA of success includes three key factors which separate winners, commoners, and losers. Ask yourself these three questions:

1- Do I have the actual mental capacity for deep thought?

2- Have I taken time to think about things from many perspectives?

3- Am I driven enough to problem solve, make a plan, take action and stick with it when things gets tough?

1- Mental capacity can be improved by committing to continuous learning, but in reality there is a ceiling here for any person. Some people just aren’t bright. Others are born geniuses. If you’re dumb as rocks, your success ceiling is really low. You can improve your capacity by taking courses, reading, and listening to experts. Most people simply don’t take the time out to continuously learn. 

2- Deep thought is an area where most of today’s society fails. Taking time to think each day is a winning practice so few employ. We are living in a world rife with distraction. Something is always popping up to capture your attention. It takes discipline and commitment to set aside focused time for meditation and / or deep thinking. Once you find this opportunity, take advantage of it. Think deeper than the surface level. Take the time required to actually think things through. Don’t float through life accepting the idea that your current perspective is the only option. Consider alternative ideas. Challenge your beliefs. Detach from your absolutes and test them to see how legitimate they are. Have the awareness to recognize you don’t know everything and you aren’t always right. This line of thinking will open your mind to new ideas, philosophies, and breakthroughs. 

3- Action. This is where the rest of people generally fail. They go through life with great ideas and compelling thoughts, but never apply them anywhere. These ideas shrivel up and die, never seeing the light of day because they were never put into motion. Action starts with a plan. You have to invest the time and energy into creating one. That plan needs timelines to keep yourself on track.
When things get hard, it requires fortitude to stick to the plan.
You have to believe in it enough to push through the obstacles or find solutions to get around them. Discipline will compel you to stick to the plan on the days you don’t feel up to it. There is no way around it; you must continue. Action means remaining in motion, never stopping or turning around because of fear or pain. The most successful people in the world persevere. 

If you have a burning desire to succeed at something, you’ll need mental capacity, time for deep thought, and both energy and discipline to act. Losers do none of these. Commoners do one or two of them. Winners do all three. Do you want to win? 

“Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.” ~ Winston Churchill

-Your Big Bro