January’s Dad of the Month

The start of 2020 has been tumultuous, from conflict in Iran to the coronavirus outbreak. In between we’ve seen the tragic death of Kobe Bryant, his thirteen year old daughter, and seven other innocent people aboard the doomed helicopter flight in Calabassas. There’s been lots of talk about Kobe’s strong relationship with his daughter, and how admirable he was as a father.

Unfortunately, there are many unsung heroes who never get the praise and accolades for being great dads, and Entering Manhood wants to change that. This marks our second edition of “Dad of the Month” and we are taking this opportunity to spotlight @mwlamar of Atlanta, Georgia. An advertising executive by day, and little league coach by night, Mike is dedicated to raising his two young boys, Tyson and Kaden, to be strong men.

Life hasn’t always been easy for this month’s Dad, as he’s had several struggles in his life. Through it all, one thing has never changed; the love he has for his boys. His passion for the kids and the role he plays in their lives should be an example for any single Dad. While not always easy, Mike always finds a way to be there for them, including coaching their basketball, football and baseball teams.

Mike’s strong strong passion for baseball has carried over to managing on the diamond, giving him the opportunity to be part of multiple championship teams. He goes on to say being on the field to celebrate those precious moments with his players as a coach and father are some of the best experiences of his life. Even with a career that keeps a busy travel schedule, he’s never missed a game. Because to most, kids come first (sometimes), but to Mike – his kids come first EVERY TIME.

Raising boys in today’s “politically correct” society is challenging and confusing, but Mike likes to keep it simple. His mantra is “don’t make a permanent decision over a temporary moment”, which he believes applies to all aspects of life. You can be sure that Tyson and Kaden will grow up to be strong men of honor. Congrats, Mike! You’re our Dad of the Month!

– Your Big Bro