October’s Dad of the Month

Entering Manhood is proud to announce October’s Dad of the Month is Bruce @_mr_outside_!

A 33-year old proud papa, he’s worked as an electrician his whole career. He started out with residential and now he repairs trains. Bruce loves fixing anything, including people, which is why he started volunteering at his local EMS squad last year.

Fatherhood to him is probably the most essential part of becoming a man. To be successful raising a child requires you to be the man your child needs you to be and doing that requires self reflection, growth, and maturity.

He loves everything about being a father, even down to the dirty diapers. Bruce wouldn’t change a single thing about it. His favorite part of being a father is seeing the light in his son’s eyes when he sees him. It’s that feeling that someone is depending on him for literally everything that helps push him further everyday.

Congrats, Bruce! You are our Dad of the Month!

– Your Big Bro