September’s Dad of the Month

Entering Manhood is proud to announce September’s Dad of the Month is J.B. (@J.beezy_4sheezy)!

Born and raised in Chesterfield, VA, J.B.’s family is of Scottish descent, but he is a proud American. J.B. spent ten years serving our nation as part of the US Navy, which included four deployments. He is blessed to have four children; three girls and one boy.

Both a warrior and a scholar, J.B. boasts an MBA from University of Dayton. September’s Dad of the Month knows how to handle things around the house and drives a tractor trailer named “Purple Rain”

Raising four children is not easy, so it’s important to live by a code. J.B.’s philosophy on parenting is guided by the principle of being strong and leading from the front.

“Open your mind and open your heart. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Be there to provide for and protect your children. Don’t simply tell your children how to live; instead SHOW THEM how YOU live.”

His favorite thing about being a dad is the accountability it requires. J.B. knows there are people who count on him, so he knows he can never let up.

“I can pass my life-lessons on to my children and they can, one day, do the same.”

Cheers to you, J.B., for being an excellent dad and a strong man. We need more men like you leading society. Congrats on being selected as September’s Dad of the Month!

– Your Big Bro