July’s Dad of the Month

Entering Manhood is pleased to announce that July’s Dad of the Month is David Rollo @irollo! One of NYC’s most eligible bachelors, Dave is the CEO of a global digital advertising agency, and a passionate fan of boxing. Originally hailing from Toronto, he’s a father of a teenage boy and girl. Dave’s parenting style is one that leads with imagination.

“Nurture a child’s imagination and that’s a gift that will last a lifetime.”

He believes that imagination and creativity can lead to a wide array of options, ideas, and pathways to both happiness and success. Opening a child’s mind can help them find their passion and reach their full potential.

Dave’s favorite thing about being a dad is “connection”. He says the connection he has with his kids is a thousand times stronger than anything else in his life. “That connection drives me, inspires me, and enriches my life daily!”

We’re with you, man. Being a father is truly a blessing. Congrats, Dave! You are July’s Dad of the Month!

-Your Big Bro