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We Are Gross + Funniest Coronavirus Memes

Coronavirus news is everywhere. Major conferences are being canceled. Huge corporations are having employees stay home and do meetings “virtually”. New cases are being reported every day in and around the major cities. People are panicked and looking for answers. Organizations like WHO and the CDC have provided the public with some of the most basic advice, including:

  • Wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds
  • Don’t openly sneeze or cough into the air; cover up
  • Use hand sanitizer if soap is unavailable
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth and face if your hands are not clean
  • Stay home if you’re sick…

Is this not comical? Aren’t these basic requirements for being sanitary?

You’d think so, until you walk around the NYC subway, observe people on an airplane, or watch people in a restaurant. For the most part, people are absolutely disgusting, and it’s shocking we haven’t had a Contagion-level pandemic actually wipe out tens of millions across the planet.

I have tried to understand why, and it comes down to two basic reasons:

  1. People are lazy and self-centered, with no regard for others
  2. Many people are simply uneducated about cleanliness

This is a recipe for total disaster. Mike Bloomberg, an extremely intelligent business man worth over $60 billion, whether staged or not, got caught licking all five of his fingers at the buffet of his campaign rally, and then placing those same fingers on the giant jug of coffee one would assume was meant for all of his staff. If he staged it to look “like a normal person”, it backfired, and if it was actually a candid moment, he’s just self centered and gross. What makes him think other people are okay touching the same surface he tainted with germs from his dirty mouth? You know Bloomberg is a smart man, so there’s no way he is uneducated about the risks of uncleanliness.

You see it all the time; people picking their noses, biting their nails, wiping their eyes, coughing and sneezing into the air, leaving the bathroom without washing their hands, etc. Are the extra three seconds it takes to be clean just “too much” for some people? Why can’t they be bothered, especially if they know it can get someone else sick. Maybe they believe their own personal germs aren’t too bad…

While this hysteria moves into America, we might as well have a laugh about it. Without knowing the direct cause of coronavirus, and lacking a vaccine, there isn’t much we can collectively do until the scientists figure it out. Without further ado, here are the funniest coronavirus memes on the internet today: