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Do You Want A Lesson in Evolution? Watch The Deadpool Movie

If you look closely enough, Hollywood superhero movies can actually teach us valuable lessons about society and ourselves. Superman promotes philosophies on morality Emmanuel Kant would appreciate. Meanwhile, Batman teaches us to embrace our darkness in the name of good. Do you want a lesson in evolution? Watch the Deadpool movie; it’s a dramatized crash course in what it takes to change and become stronger.

Evolution Occurs With Discomfort

“Get comfortable being uncomfortable “.

These were the first words spoken by my new boss, the founder of a start up company, moments after I verbally accepted the offer to become his head of sales. The statement sounds funky when you first hear it, but if you’ve seen success at any level, inherently you know that this concept is essential to growth. Let’s dig a bit deeper to understand why.

Obviously, once you have something figured out, you are not forced to improve or use your brain to solve any new complex problems. Things become routine and repetitive and you go into autopilot. Consequently, there is no motivation to evolve or change. In time, due to lack of stimulation, you get stale and you get slow.

The most successful people in the world have mastered the concept of pushing beyond their limits, and each time they do, it requires them being comfortable with the idea of encountering new experiences, feelings and challenges. Some people view these situations as impossible or terrifying, and instinctively they run away. The very thought of existing in an unknown realm gives them so much anxiety, they’d rather stay right where they are. In short, they are not comfortable with being uncomfortable. These people will likely never grow, and they will deprive themselves of great life experiences out of fear. They’ll be content knowing what and who they already know, and their “assembly line” lives will continue on.

jeff bezos lesson in evolution

Lesson in Evolution: Trust Yourself

Visionaries and champions who pave new paths for the rest of us reach the upper limits of their true potential. They face the unknown head on and embrace challenges, knowing they don’t have all of the answers at their disposal. What they do have is the confidence to know they will figure it out. Hence, this is what separates the good from the great; the winners from the spectators.

Most of today’s most successful entrepreneurs didn’t come from money or power. They had a great idea, risked it all, and started their business in a very complex and unpredictable ecosystem. Their original idea probably isn’t the one that made them billions of dollars, but that’s not what mattered for them. The most important part was taking the steps towards the unknown and launching their business, knowing they were not in possession of all the answers on day one. Their businesses were forced to evolve over time, or die.

deadpool lesson in evolution

Wade Wilson’s Lesson in Evolution

For comic book fans, this has never been more prevalent than in the movie Deadpool. Our anti-hero, Wade Wilson, is subject to experimental tests to see how his body reacts to stress. As the bad guy, Ajax, subjects Wade to various torture forms, he tells his underlings Deadpool will either evolve, or die. This mad scientist held the belief that the human body would eventually mutate in order to survive. Once this happened, WIlson would be in possession of newfound powers the mutation had brought out in him.

Unsurprisingly, this is what happens, as Wade mutates into Deadpool. He is left with super strength, speed and regenerative capabilities that render him nearly unkillable. Cool concept, and it absolutely applies to the real world.

If you don’t subject yourself to different, challenging situations, you’ll never be forced to evolve. Sadly, your “super powers” will never have a reason to surface. They’ll remain hidden inside you, and you’ll never realize your full potential. You never really know how you will react to something until you experience it. This is why it’s important to be adventurous, try new things, and open yourself up to the idea of venturing into the unknown. Your evolution may be pleasantly surprising.

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