Be the Provider, As a Strong Man Should

A previous article we published examined situations in which men should pick up the tab. In summary, we concluded that in most phases of dating and marriage, men should be ready and willing to pay the bill. However, in today’s society many would argue against this stance, citing feminist ideology as counterpoints. On the surface, they seem like valid positions because we are all equals and everyone should have similar strengths. However, when you unwrap it all, they are totally invalid. Here’s why you should be the provider as a strong man should.

be the provider financially

Unequal Pay Means You Should Be the Provider

First, consider the movement for equal pay. Women are generally paid less than men, so if you don’t want to bankrupt the girl you’re taking out for martinis and surf and turf, you should pick up the tab.

Be the Provider: You Have Better Earning Potential

Next, understand the fact that in the average relationship, the man is generally older than the woman. This means that he most likely earns more on an annual basis because he’s further along in his career, and he probably has more saved up because he’s been earning for longer. Chalk another up against the feminists.

be the provider to a pregnant woman

Biological Origins

Third, it’s tied to our biological makeup. Men are programmed to find women that are most suitable for procreation, which is why they seek women with physical features tied to reproduction: symmetrical face, curvy hips, clear skin, etc. Women are biologically programmed to seek men that can father strong children, and that can support or protect the nest.

Argue it all you want, but pregnant women are not as physically capable as they normally are, especially the closer they get to their due date. Then, once the baby is born, women are physically drained and require recovery time. In our Neanderthal days, before modern living, men offered protection for child bearing women.

If that man wasn’t physically and mentally strong, the newly formed family was put at a tremendous disadvantage. A man that didn’t hunt and gather successfully would lead a sick, malnourished family at risk for starvation. Similarly, the man unable to provide and protect would leave his family at risk to the elements, predators, or other humans. So, the role of protector and provider has been ingrained into our DNA since the dawn of mankind, all due to the temporary helplessness of the pregnant woman.

Continuation of Species

Without the pregnant woman, the species would not continue and survive. Consequently, without the man providing for and protecting the pregnant woman, the species’ population growth would be severely stunted. So, be the caveman your lady is programmed to desire and provide for her.

Show her you are capable with financial stability, and grab the tab. Demonstrate your ambition to always earn more money, and don’t worry too much about price. If you don’t do it, some other alpha male will, and the moment she sees another man as more capable of providing for her than you are, she will kick your ass to the curb. Bank on it.

-Your Big Bro

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