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The Practical Origin of Entering Manhood

As readers peruse the site, it’s important to mention the practical origin of Entering Manhood. Know this: the community started in an absolutely random way, not backed by some big publishing firm. Back in 2017, I was at work when my twenty-two year old assistant, who has since become like a brother to me, asked me a question about what to wear to a “black tie” wedding. I was dumbfounded that this young dude literally had no clue what that meant (hint: it means you have to wear a tuxedo). As I stared at him in disbelief, a bunch of questions entered my mind:

“Is he clueless?”

“Was he joking?”

“Does he realize what he just asked me?”

“Can he actually think for himself?”

“Where did he grow up, Mars?”

Brotherly Instincts

Then, it hit me like a ton of bricks. As much as our personalities are predetermined by our genetics and our soul, we are totally a bi-product of our environment. Surprisingly, he might not be at fault for failing to know this basic nugget of information.

Maybe he never had any exposure to a black tie affair, or any wedding for that matter. Or maybe nobody ever took the time to teach this poor guy about etiquette at formal events. There’s a chance he never came across this situation or topic. It’s possible his dad, or older male influences (from sports, school, etc.) never had an opportunity to teach him this stuff. Either way, it was my duty to inform this young buck about this, and potentially hundreds of other things relating to becoming a man.

Inspired, I couldn’t let this promising young man wander through life without knowing the absolute basics. My mind began to wonder if he had any idea about personal grooming, or how to ask a girl on a date, or how much money to give as a gift at a wedding. Curiously, I pondered if he know how to get clothes that fit him right, or pick out a cologne?

How would he ever advance his career without knowing how to get a promotion? Would he be stuck making a low ball salary if he had no ability to negotiate? He probably has no understanding of how to use a credit card for max value, or what to pack on a vacation/business trip, or what to do when he has to fart in the presence of a female. I determined he would require some real talk, probably daily.

the practical origin of brotherhood

The Practical Origin of Our Site

The longer I pondered this, the more I felt obligated to share these insights with the masses. Fortunately, I had a strong network of men my whole life, including my Dad, uncles, and grandfather. Along the way, I met older dudes through my participation in sports. Later, I met professional guys in the workplace. Fortunately, several men took me under their wing to help me become the man I am today. I am nowhere near perfect, but I know a thing or two about life, and I owe it to these men.

So, instead of donating time or money to some charity, I decided I’d buy a domain name that people could relate to, put up a website, and share my insights on the path to manhood. Effectively, if I could help guys avoid being seen as “needy” or an “bad job candidate“, it would all be worth it. At the end of the day, entering manhood is not easy. Without someone guiding you along the way, it may be more difficult than it should.

In summary, let this be a lesson that you can make a difference, too. Take action, because small acts of brotherhood can go a long way towards empowering the next generation. You don’t need your own blog to do it. Come back to the page every once in awhile, or follow us on Instagram for daily content. Give yourself new inspiration, and continue learning. I genuinely hope you’ll learn a thing or two and become a better man. You may have a few laughs along the way, too. Take care of yourselves.

– Your Big Bro

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