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The top spot for 2020 is wide open, and there are several ladies in the running. We’d like our readers to weigh in:

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Every generation has it’s own Pamela Anderson. Guys in the 90’s grew up idolizing the Baywatch babe. Men of all ages knew her name always mentioned how hot she was. She was the barometer of female attractiveness in that era. Some other notable generational babes were:

Marilyn Monroe, who owned the 50’s will always be an icon. Unfortunately, she died young and never finished her long term battle for the top spot with Sophia Loren and Jayne Mansfield.

Elizabeth Taylor‘s peak popularity spanned the 50’s and 60’s, and she married seven different men between 1950 and 1996.

Raquel Welch broke lots of hearts in the 1960’s and 1970’s, started by a big role in One Million Years B.C. (1966). Her only costume was a two-piece deer skin bikini. A publicity still of her in the bikini became a best-selling poster and turned her into an instant pin-up girl.[27]Farrah Fawcett, one of Charlie’s Angels that owned the 1970’s: Her poster is still one of the most popular today.

Cindy Crawford entered the spotlight via Sports Illustrated in the late 80’s. But who could forget her Pepsi commercial in 1992?

Pamela Anderson owned the mid-late 90’s.

Although Britney Spears, Jenny McCarthy and Carmen Electra gave her some competition, Pam still held the crown.

Kim Kardashian, has captivated the imagination of the tabloids with sex tapes, risque photo shoots, a highly-rated reality show, and famous men in her life… including Kanye West.

So, who wins the 2020 crown? 

The case for Emily Ratajkowski: She is the girl from the “Blurred Lines” video. She’s starred alongside Hollywood’s biggest heartthrobs (Ben Affleck, Zach Efron), and her Instagram account is nothing but her in bikinis.

The case for Alexandra Daddario: She broke on to the scene as Woody Harrelson’s mistress in True Detective Season 1, and since then she’s starred in two movies with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson including the Baywatch movie and San Andreas.

The case for Kate Upton: Kate has wow-ed us with her swimsuit shoots for many years, and she recently tied the knot with MLB Cy Young winner Justin Verlander. Oh, and she did the cat daddy video, too.

The case for Kylie Jenner: She’s a Kardashian and she’s young, but this entrepreneur is worth over $900 million. Her beauty line is killing it, her photos are everywhere, and she’s currently single after breaking up with rapper Travis Scott late in 2019.

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