Women & Relationships

The great mystery to us all … women. “Can’t live with em, but can’t live without em”, right?  We never know exactly what they want, but they expect us to know without telling us. They don’t like how we approach them at a bar, but they expect us to talk to them and get disappointed when we don’t.

Whether it be the thirteen year old kid that is unsure how to execute his first kiss,

or the thirty year old guy that is clueless about how to buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend,

we are all amateurs when it comes to interacting with our gender counterparts on this planet, during all phases of our lives. Ask any married guy and he will tell you, being married “isn’t easy”. If he says otherwise, he’s lying to you, or he’s absolutely checked out of reality. Talk to most single guys in any major city and ask them about the dating scene and they will tell you that it’s “really difficult finding a good girl”.

Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape, or form an expert with the ladies… but I’ve done pretty well in my day, and I have a beautiful, fun wife to show for all of the life experience (crazy exes) that I’ve had. So, check back here frequently for advice on all things related to women and dating, including:

  • how to “pick up” girls
  • things to do on a date
  • what to gift a lady for various occasions
  • some bedroom tips
  • preparing for engagement/wedding
  • dealing with your crazy ex


And so much more! I have a feeling this will be the most entertaining part of this site. Stay tuned…