Where is Chivalry today?

Are men still gentlemen? If you watch the news these days, your immediate response is probably “no” because many of the top stories involve some rich, powerful guy abusing his power and demeaning women. The #metoo movement is real and totally based on fact. Whether it be entertainment, finance, advertising or law, all professions have their skeletons in the closet, and many have turned a blind eye to it for decades.

We cannot allow a few bad apples to spoil the lot! All men do not behave this way, and many still follow a code of chivalry. It’s important for women to know that, and the only way for them to know it is for us guys to live it every day. Men in the South get a ton of credit for maintaining old fashioned, chivalrous ways, but what about the rest of the US?

According to the affluent dating website, gentlemen are spread out all over the US map. The site polled more than 32,000 users about the cities where men displayed the best manners.

Women on the site were asked to list the cities where they encountered the most chivalrous men. Men, meanwhile, were asked about their habits while on a date such as paying for dinner and overall treatment of the woman. The results are in, and even though the “New York asshole” or the “flaky Californian” didn’t make the list, there are some surprises here:

1. Dallas, TX

2. Washington, DC

3. San Jose, CA

4. Salt Lake City, UT

5. Atlanta, GA

6. Chicago. IL

7. Seattle, WA

8. Philadelphia, PA

9. Denver, CO

10. Nashville, TN

We will discuss the do’s and dont’s of chivalry more at a later date, but remember to always be a gentleman in all situations. Men are under enough scrutiny these days, and it’s important for us to change the negative reputation a few dogs have given us.