War against Woke: Weak Men in a YouTube World

Peruse YouTube long enough and you’ll likely stumble onto a trove of historical war footage and analysis. I’ll openly admit that I once wrote similar content (e.g. military documentaries) off as boring, perhaps like childhood conversations you may have had with aging adults with whom you shared nothing in common. As you mature, though, you may find those once-lamented chitchats to be sorely missed. Lessons about life, love, and struggle with a sage thrice your age are nowhere to be found. There was a brutal honesty about it; a horse-and-carriage stroll through mundane details and harsh reality checks. Y’know, growth as a person. It’s content like this which serves as weapons of war against woke.

A Polluted Digital Environment

“Conversations” these days often devolve into echo chambers on social media. YouTube is no different, with 120 million+ daily active users largely following the trail of shiny keys onto the next mind-numbing video. When you have a moment between the clickbait, “guess the gender” vloggers, tittystreamers, and attention-starved manchildren, watch an interview with a World War II veteran or historian. It’s a stark contrast from the garbage that YouTube actively promotes. This juxtaposition highlights several things, but the topic we’ll cover today is simple: YouTube largely fosters weak men.

Let me be clear: there are pockets within YouTube deserving of views and promotion. The issue is that those morsels are buried beneath a half-dozen layers of insecurity, masculine guilt, distraction, and sociopolitical agendas. YouTube is like the Seven Deadly Sins of being male, all wrapped in a Google-branded tortilla. 

The younger demographic that defends (and embraces) such fragility can’t be wholly blamed. Unfortunately, they’re simply filling the mold they’re exposed to. If your worldview is insulated with effeminate men explaining how to properly apply makeup, toxic women with daddy issues doling out lopsided dating advice, feminist zealots shaming males for sitting comfortably in the subway, or purple-haired, androgynous influencers citing men as the root of all evil, how is a young man supposed to be proud of their biology and masculinity? Subsequently, how are young women supposed to know what a “real man” is?

war against woke

So much negativity from the comfort of their air-conditioned safe spaces. Such a difficult life (practically torture, mind you) all caused by men and their horrible, despicable acts of small dick energy. We’ve done bad, and we should feel bad. It’s a wonder why men should exist at all, frankly. Don’t forget to like and subscribe!

A Weak Society

Sadly, this is true weakness (and wokeness) at work. The desired byproduct is anything but a heterosexual, confident man. Bravery is no longer that soldier taking on certain death in the trenches of Normandy. Instead, it’s a cuck-ridden iceberg of submissiveness and beta behavior. And that’s just embarrassing for men everywhere.

So, what can be done about it? First, stop giving YouTube money or at least support content that reinforces masculine positivity. Secondly, men should find their nuts and voice support for  authentic male stereotypes online and across various media. Newsflash: Tom Holland dancing in drag and high heels ain’t it

Third, don’t take abuse from people who subvert or marginalize masculinity. We deserve better than that.

It’s a fight, gentlemen. See you in the trenches.

-FR Chesterfield