selective with seed

Be Selective With Your Seed

Sex is available everywhere, at any time, to anyone. Some guys will find it by swiping right, while others get it by perfecting their “game” in target rich environments. Sadly, many are out there paying for it. However it is you decide to find sex, it’s important to remember one crucial rule: Be selective with who you decide to sleep with.

At it’s core, sex is one of the most critical actions our species engages in. The naturally designed outcome is procreation, ensuring the continuation of our species. It’s serious business, even if you do it casually. There are many reasons to be selective with your seed, because sex with the wrong person could end your life without actually killing you.

Self preservation, your health and survival are foundational concerns of manhood. You do not want to expose yourself to someone who can ruin your life in many ways. There will always be a trade off; it’s up to you to determine what you can and can’t accept. 

Abstinence can leave you very horny and frustrated. 
Sleeping around can leave you with a disease. 
If you don’t take that seriously, Google “STDs on penis” and then come talk to me.

Monogamy can force you to fight through difficult situations; most of which are short term.
Dating multiple people can force you to fight through difficult situations for the rest of your life. 
Knocking her up or being falsely accused of sexual assault can change things forever. Choose wisely.

Experienced women are usually fun and skilled, but their experience means they learned it with someone else. For some, that can be too much to handle. For others, it means nothing. 
Get to know yourself, and learn what you can/can’t handle. At times, talking about sexual history with your partner can destroy a relationship. Only do things you’d be OK with the world knowing.

Porn can give you temporary satisfaction, but the long term effects can ruin seriously damage you. It’s addictive and destructive. Sadly, more people than ever are consuming it, as evidenced by the staggering growth of the subscription video chat platform Onlyfans. Over 170 million people currently use the platform, and it’s growing by 500,000 per day.

Point is, as with everything in life, there are trade offs when it comes to sex. Think through them before deciding to hook up with someone. A strong man will have the discipline and willpower to control his urges and make the right decision. 

The world needs strong men. 💪

– Your Big Bro

“Sex with the wrong person can end your life without killing you. Choose wisely.”
– Your Big Bro