Better Online Dating Results Using Five Methods

Woe is me! Unfortunately, the sentiment conveyed by this pathetic gentlemen is quite common in today’s victim-filled society. If you keep playing the victim card, your situation will never improve. I cannot imagine making such a pitiful admission like this to a major newspaper. Brother, it’s time to face reality. If you can’t land one date using dating apps, maybe you’re the problem. That said, you can achieve better online dating results using five methods. Here’s how to fix it.

Objective Audit of Your Online Dating Profile

Online dating is online shopping for a date. If you’re not making any sales, you may need to position your product better. It will be challenging for you to do this on your own, because most people can’t see the forest through the trees. Consider stepping away and putting a fresh set of objective eyes on your profile. Have a trusted friend objectively look at your profile and tell you how to improve it so your personality and value come across better. Make the tweaks and remember: your profile is your storefront. Would you buy this product?

online dating audit

Invest More Time Online Dating

Unsurprisingly, women receive hundreds of messages per week, many of which are similar and don’t stand out. To separate yourself from the pack, spend more time doing outreach and responding to messages in a more personalized way. Demonstrate that you’ve spent time actually reading their profile and crafting a meaningful message. Be sure to use humor, and ask thought-provoking questions that will make them think about their responses. Stand out from every other guy telling her she’s hot and asking her to “grab a drink” by putting the extra time in. For a woman’s perspective, check out Miranda Davis’ tips for meeting your soulmate through online dating.

Try New Online Dating Apps

Online dating today is accessible via a variety of applications; all of which are designed to help you connect with a lucky lady. Based on the type of data collected, functionality, and price points, different apps can generate different results. Some are known for hooking up, while others can increase your odds of finding a wife. That said, if you’re striking out on Tinder or Bumble, it might be time to switch it up and give or OKCupid a shot. Understand, women join certain apps for specific reasons, and if you’re not connecting with one pool, it might be time to try a new one.

Self Assessment

If you’re continuing to strike out, this may be an opportunity to look inward and figure out what’s lacking. Unfortunately, your profile and outreach may be inadvertently conveying a sense of helplessness, insecurity, neediness, or pickiness. It’s possible that the pictures you’re posting reveal some correctable weaknesses in your fitness level or sense of style. When something is failing, it’s on you to figure out the reasons why and then implement methods to course correct. This could give you an opportunity to take time away and work on yourself before considering dating anyone.

Return to The Physical World

The world is spending entirely too much time online, so give yourself a break from the screen and try this old fashioned method. Take a break from the dating apps entirely, and start approaching women frequently in real life. Having an opportunity to experience and interpret actual facial expressions and body language will teach you a whole lot more about your approach than any digital communication will. It will also give you balls of steel and the fear of rejection will evaporate.

The world needs strong men. 💪

-Your Big Bro