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Venue Shifting to Enhance Attraction

Dating can be a nerve-wracking experience, but there’s a simple strategy that can help make it more enjoyable and increase attraction between you and your date. It’s called “venue shifting,” and it involves changing the location of your date throughout the evening. The most successful dating coaches in the world swear by venue shifting to enhance attraction. This continuous movement will enhance the experience for both you and your date, while creating more opportunities for connection and attraction.

According to a study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, variety is a key factor in attraction. By changing the location of your date, you create a sense of excitement and novelty that can enhance enjoyment and increase attraction. In addition, venue shifting can help you avoid the dreaded “dinner and a movie” rut, where dates can become predictable and boring.

venue shifting enhances attraction dating

Venue Shifting in Action

So how does venue shifting work in practice? Here are a few examples:

Start with a drink at a local bar, then take a walk to a nearby park or scenic area. Finish the evening with a dessert at a local restaurant or café. Cap off the night at a cocktail bar, and if you get close enough, head back at her place.

Begin with a casual activity, like mini-golf or bowling, then head to an intimate setting like a wine bar. Then, head back to your place.

In addition to enhancing enjoyment and attraction, venue shifting can also help you get to know your date better. By experiencing different environments and activities, you can learn more about your date’s interests, preferences, and personality.

venue shifting enhances attraction dating

Setting the Tone

Venue shifting isn’t just about changing the physical location – it’s also about shifting the emotional tone of the evening. By changing the pace or mood of your date, you can create more opportunities for connection and intimacy.

For example, if your date seems nervous or tense, suggest a change of scenery to a more relaxed or playful environment. On the other hand, if your date seems bored or disengaged, suggest a more exciting or adventurous activity. After all, science has proven that thrilling activities, like riding a roller coaster, are the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Venue shifting is a simple but powerful strategy that can enhance the enjoyment and attraction on your dates. By changing the location and emotional tone of your date, you create opportunities for connection, intimacy, and excitement.

-Your Big Bro