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Financial Red Flags to Look For in Your Partner

She might not be a gold digger, and may even have good intentions. Still, that doesn’t mean you should ignore her serious financial red flags. These flags can be a predictor of potential future issues in a relationship. This is especially if you’re dating someone and considering making a serious decision like moving in together or proposing. As you know, there are other points to consider before popping the question, but financial stability should be top of mind due to the manner in which men are treated in divorce court.

Statistically, money arguments are the second leading cause of divorce, behind infidelity. High levels of debt and poor communication lead to stress and anxiety when it comes to finances. Nearly half of couples with $50,000 or more in debt say money is their top reason for arguing. According to research from 2021, nearly 2/3 of all marriages start in debt! As such, men need to be aware of the following financial red flags which can be seriously detrimental to his future.

Watch out for frivolous spenders

Five Financial Red Flags

1. Consistently asks for money: If she’s always asking for money, it can be a sign of financial instability or a lack of financial responsibility.

2. Always talking about her financial struggles: When she is always talking about her financial struggles, it can be a sign that she’s not taking steps to improve her financial situation.

3. Has a history of bad credit: A history of bad credit can be an indication of financial irresponsibility, and it’s important to be aware of this when considering a long-term commitment.

4. Constantly buying things on credit: If your partner is constantly buying things on credit, it can be a sign that she’s living beyond her means and may have difficulty paying off those debts.

5. Secretive about her finances: A lady who is secretive about her finances can be hiding something. As such, take the lead and initiate an honest communication about finances.

financial red flags can cripple you
Beware of big spenders who demonstrate little responsibility

Other Crippling Behaviors

On top of these flags, proceed with caution if she runs the risk of bringing these financially crippling issues into your life. Things like:

  • horrendous debt (student or otherwise)
  • impulsive shopping habits
  • irresponsible lack of planning
  • lives above her means
  • demonstrates poor work ethic

It’s important to note that these red flags don’t mean that the person is necessarily “bad”. For your own self preservation, it’s critical to be aware of these potential issues. Additionally, it’s wise to have open and honest communication about financial matters in any relationship. Financial compatibility is an important aspect of a healthy relationship and it’s crucial to address it early on. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

-Your Big Bro