Seven Ways to Improve Plummeting Sperm Count and Quality

Shanna H. Swan, Ph. D., is one of the world’s leading environmental and reproductive epidemiologists. In her new book “Countdown”, Dr. Swan has sounded the alarm about how our modern world is imperiling the future of the human race. Her research makes a clear case that testosterone levels are taking a nosedive, along with sperm counts and fertility rates. We’ve written on this topic in the past and are now providing you with seven ways to improve plummeting sperm count and quality.

If the data from some lesser known doctor isn’t enough, how about the opinion of the world’s richest man? Take if from Elon Musk, who screamed about the severe danger the human race will be in if not corrected. During a closed-door All-In Summit, Musk said:

“Environment’s gonna be fine even if we doubled the population. I know a lot of environmental stuff… Japan had the lowest birth rate. Having kids is essential for maintaining civilization. We can’t let civilization dwindle into nothing.”

Elon Musk, June 2022

For context, Musk has fathered seven children to date, so he practices what he preaches.

Boosting Your Swimmers

As a strong man, do your part to help civilization continue by having and raising strong children. To improve your chances of being a high-testosterone, fertile male, here are some suggestions based on Dr. Swan’s research:

  1. Get off that peloton: Men who cycle for ninety minutes or more per week had 34 percent lower sperm concentrations than those who didn’t ride bicycles at all. I guess crushing and suffocating your nuts for ninety minutes isn’t that smart.
  2. On Your Feet: instead of gaming or binge TV-watching for hours, get on your feet and be active. Healthy young men who exercise regularly may have better quality semen than their sedentary peers, a study of sperm donors suggests. Seems like common sense, as physically activity increases blood flow, burns fat and builds muscle, which is essential for producing healthy sperm.
  3. De-Stress: Men who reported the highest levels of work stress had 38 percent lower sperm concentrations. In today’s “connected” world, you’ve got to find ways to disconnect and relax.
  4. Ditch the cold cuts: Men who eat a lot of processed meats (hot dogs, bacon, sausage, salami) tend to have lower sperm counts and a lower percentage of normally shaped sperm. The theory is that “the curing of meat produces chemicals . . . that can cause cancer and also damage DNA, including DNA in sperm,” writes Swan.
  5. Have sex: Studies have shown that having sex boosts your testosterone levels. Not only will you increase your likelihood of producing viable sperm, testosterone also helps fortify bones and muscles, while keeping your heart in good working condition.
  6. Try the Mediterranean diet: Research shows that couples who follow the Mediterranean diet (whole grains, good fats, lots of veggies) while undergoing IVF treatments had a 40 percent higher likelihood of conceiving than those who didn’t.
  7. Go Organic: Swan also urges people to buy organic to avoid pesticides and herbicides that may mess with male hormones, especially items that tend to be most contaminated, like strawberries, spinach, kale, apples and grapes. Avoid animal products that aren’t organic and buy meats labeled as “raised without antibiotics” or “no added hormones.”

The world needs strong men; lots of them! So, ensure your powerful genetics continue for future generations and populate the world with strong, accountable future adults. Boost that testosterone and become a “goddamned sexual tyrannosaurus”!

-Your Big Bro