Everyday Heroes: Dad of 7 Sacrifices It All

A HEARTBROKEN daughter has told how her dying hero dad “used all his strength” to give his kids a final smile after rescuing them from a rip current.

Jonathan Stevens, 36, bravely dived into the sea in Barmouth, North Wales, last weekend when he heard his children’s screams. He died saving kids Lauren, left, Joshua, back, Jack, front centre, and Lacey, right

Lauren, pictured centre with her mum Laura and siblings, bravely said she wanted to tell the truth about her hero. The 36-year-old British father heroically died on Sunday after saving three of his children from a riptide off the coast of Wales.

Stevens noticed the trio, between 10 and 12 years old, struggling in the water around lunchtime, according to the Mirror. A plasterer known as “Joff” to his friends, was then caught in the current. Following a rescue operation by boat and helicopter, searchers found him in serious condition and airlifted him to a hospital, where he died.

Stevens’ partner, 34-year-old Laura Burford, who was still in England at the time of the incident, told North Wales Live that he died a hero while “saving their babies,” going on to add, “I am absolutely devastated to say that I have lost the complete love of my life.” The couple had seven kids together.

“There are no words to describe the pain,” said Burford. “I will always be grateful to [him] for bringing our babies back. I love him, always have, and always will.”

RIP, hero.

– Your Big Bro