August’s Dad of the Month

Enteringmanhood is pleased to announce August’s Dad of the Month is John Christie @thechristiefamilyunit!

John is a Ukrainian born man who came to America in 2001, adopted and blessed with a second chance at life. A graduate from the University of Central Florida, John has a degree in business marketing and is now a health insurance broker. John says he loves his son forever, as he’s brought him joy he never knew existed.

His philosophy on parenting has been to always foster his child’s emotions. When it’s bad, he thinks you should help them to understand why it’s negative, and steer them away from it. On the flip side, when things are good, encourage those as well, and teach emotional strength at all times.

Above all, he says to just love.

No matter how many toys or adventures they get, all children want and need is love. Kids need to know they are loved, and always feel safe and secure. The first six years of a child’s life lay the foundation for the rest of their life.

John loves everything about being a Dad, but his favorite things are the funny moments. His son is very silly and makes him laugh so so much. Congrats again, John! You are August’s Dad of the Month!

– Your Big Bro