June’s Dad of the Month

We are happy to announce June’s Dad of the Month is Zach, AKA Mr. Majestic @oldmanlogan4444! He is a 37 year old single dad from Florida, raising a strong young boy who turned two this past March. A full time father, he hasn’t spent a single night without his son. That’s dedication, folks.

Zach describes parenthood as a “constant scramble”, so he says it’s important to learn to move gracefully. His favorite part of being a father is feeling the greatest love he has ever known.

“You’ve just gotta be brave” is his main advice to single dads in the world. Zach elaborates that the bravery must be fueled by love, in all situations.

He believes the “true measure of a man is how much he loves, and people can take that and interpret it any way they wish.”

Cheers to you, Zach @oldmanlogan4444. You are June’s Dad of the Month!

– Your Big Bro