February’s Dad of the Month

This month, we honor Al Brown @al_b_16, who describes his experience with fatherhood as amazing! He tries to teach his three year old son Godly biblical principles, how to be responsible, how to apologize when he is wrong, and to help others who need it. Even at such a young age, he sees his son put those actions in play, which warms his heart. It’s clear Al is definitely raising a leader!

To Al, the most important part of parenting is to “practice what you preach”. Kids, especially boys, will model themselves after what you do; not what you say. Al makes it a point to treat his son’s mother with respect, so his boy will do the same to the women he meets/marries a one day. Al wakes up excited about the future for my lil guy, and can’t wait to see becomes of him!??

Al, thanks for promoting such a respectful and noble lifestyle in your son! You are February’s Dad of the Month!