The Best Way to Sit On A Date

I wake up every day with hundreds of messages from men looking for winning tips on how to level up in life. Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of these inquiries revolve around dating. Questions range from when to ask her out, how to propose to her, and everything in between. Surprisingly, I’ve noticed that many guys miss out on learning some of the more tactical skills required to make a date successful. One of them is the most basic and overlooked advantage you can give yourself once you’re on the date. Yes, the way to sit on a date can be a determining factor in the success or failure of the night.

wrong way to sit on a date
Interview style feels disconnected

Is This a Job Interview?

Yes, how you sit can help or hurt your chances of sweeping her off her feet. Most guys make the mistake of sitting directly across from their date; basically face to face. For one, this feels like a job interview. It gives neither you nor her the opportunity to break eye contact without looking rude or disinterested. It puts the pressure on you both to maintain awkward eye contact throughout the date.

On top of that, it leaves very little opportunity for kino escalation (aside from playing footsies). Do you want to awkwardly reach across the table to touch her arm when making a point, or touch her leg when giving her a compliment? Probably not.

right way to sit on a date
Adjacent is more intimate

The Right Way to Sit on a Date

Avoid the fact to face interview position, and instead take advantage of the most successful positioning you can execute: adjacent. It means you’re sitting in an L-shape. Not directly across, nor right next to each other. This positioning allows for just the right amount of eye contact, with the chance to break it without looking disinterested. Additionally, it will provide you with the opportunity to enable the “Kino escalation touch ladder”, i.e. getting her more comfortable with your touch in the form of normal conversational gestures.

What does this mean, and how is it done? When she makes a funny joke, playfully jab at her. If you’re about to make a conversational point, touch her arm or hand. Brush the hair off her face. Grab her hand. It’s important to anchor your touch with positive feelings, so only touch her when emotions are at optimistic high points. As things heat up, her legs will naturally touch yours. If you’re lucky, she may even pull you in for a kiss. Whatever happens, sitting in this position will allow flirtation and touch to occur more naturally, without the awkward reaching and repositioning.

Single guys should have a few “go to” date spots, so make sure you choose venues that will give you the opportunity to sit in this position. I can personally guarantee your dates will go way better when you implement this technique.

-Your Big Bro