Guest Post by Your Little Bro: “The Art of Digital Seduction”

Not all forms of weaponry are tangible. Thus is the case in war, when militias use intimidation and mental warfare. Similarly, it is also the case in seduction, because the way you portray yourself can have a major impact on your success with women, regardless of your intentions. Perception is reality whether you like it or not, so you better be sure that people “perceive” you in a positive light.

Where does one make these predetermined judgements? Hint, hint: do you remember this quote? “What if they take that photo and instantaneously put it out there on the line and they share it with their friends.” A classic scene from “The Internship” where Vince Vaughn thinks of the billion dollar idea that is, Instagram.

People (especially women) use Instagram as a vetting process amongst other things. Think about it; you meet a girl one night at the bar and talk to her for five minutes before getting her number, and then you try to do the same thing to five other girls without being seen. You cover all the basics: what’s your name, where are you from, where did you go to school, what do you do for work, do you like pizza (if she doesn’t, walk away) and so on. The next day you text her saying it was great meeting her and ask her on a date. Chances are it was dark and she was a little tipsy. The girl tries to remember which of the ten guys you are that tried hitting on her but can’t remember distinctly. What in god’s name does she do? Does she panic? Maybe before October 6th, 2010 when Instagram was released… but now it’s just a matter of knowing your first name and maybe your school and she has everything she needs to find you and your instagram to begin the vetting process.

What are they looking for during this process? First off, definitely not a recent picture with you and a could-be-girlfriend. They’re looking for multiple things, but they are also judging whatever pictures and content they have access to. Are you perceived as financially stable maybe with some travel pictures, high end food, or a nice wardrobe? Are you perceived as attractive with a nice smile and nice teeth? Are you perceived as someone with friends that don’t look socially awkward or incapable of having a conversation with the opposite sex? Are you perceived as family oriented which is something almost everyone values? You don’t have to be super tight with your brother 361 days younger than you, but fuck it, throw a picture up there with both of you smiling. It doesn’t have to be real or genuine, but like I said, “Perception is reality.” For the record, I do love my brother and my pictures with him are genuine…

Ok, so you’ve made it past the vetting process and have gone on a couple dates. Maybe they went amazing and maybe they went ok. If it went amazing, don’t get cocky you can still fuck it up, and if it went poorly, you can still win her back. How you ask? Again, Instagram. Stories on Instagram have taken off over the last few years. Everyone is looking at the stories of the people they follow. Don’t be that guy that posts a story of everything he does assuming you’re not always doing cool shit. Be mysterious. Limit yourself to posting unique things that add value to your perception. Eating nice meals, traveling to cool places, celebrating a birthday with friends, hanging with Drake, making a pizza review with Dave, etc.

Before each story post, think about whether or not your post will make you more or less desirable in the eyes of whatever woman or women you have your eyes on. If you know she has a favorite restaurant, go there and post a story showing you’re there. Not only does that show her that you have the same taste in restaurants or value her opinion to go there, but it also gives her the opportunity to strike up a conversation with you. Each story you post is an opportunity. The more opportunities you have in life, the more you will succeed regardless of the circumstance.

Take a look at your Instagram and try looking at your profile from a woman’s perspective. Chances are, not every picture or story you’ve posted adds value. If it doesn’t, delete it and be patient. Don’t post to post. Nothing is more annoying than seeing a photo or story pop up on your feed causing you to think, “why the fuck did this person post this?”

“King of Instagram” Dan Bilzerian

Be selective. Limit yourself to one post every three months or one story post every week if you have to, but make it count. You don’t want to be so inactive that women question whether or not you’re alive. Find a happy medium so you’re on her mind and are providing her with opportunities to engage in conversation. Use your social media to seduce her into wanting to get to know you. Digital seduction can only benefit you if done right. Take advantage of it while you can. Other guys are.

– Your Little Bro 😉