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Rules for Life

It’s Better To Be Judged By Twelve Than Carried By Six!

Before you’re blindsided by an attack, consider the following hypothetical situation. It’s a regular Tuesday morning and you’ve just downed your coffee as you head to work. Fifty feet from your workplace you’re suddenly grabbed from behind and knocked to the street. Struggling to get your bearings, you look up and see the stranger reaching in his pocket. Do you get to your feet and run, or will you fight back attempting to subdue the threat? Calling for help won’t work because when it arrives you’ll likely be injured or dead. Don’t believe it? The NYPD is the largest, best-equipped American police force and their critical response time is over seven minutes. Knowing this, you should prepare for the worst. When danger strikes, you can strike back with force to save your life. After all, it’s better to be judged by twelve, than carried by six.

Judged By Twelve in Real Life

jose alba judged by twelve
Bodega Owner Jose Alba and Alvin Bragg, NY District Attorney

The man on the left, Jose Alba, is a hard working NYC bodega owner from the Dominican Republic. In July 2022, Austin Simon (a man with a criminal past on probation) and his girlfriend both attacked Alba, stabbing him and beating him up inside his place of business. Initially, Alba attempted to reason with Simon, as he’s seen on video saying “Papa, I don’t want a problem, papa.”

Simon continued the confrontation, and Alba fought back. Eventually, Alba killed his assailant by stabbing him multiple times. Unfortunately, NYC’s ultra progressive District Attorney, Alvin Bragg (bottom right), had Alba arrested with pending murder charges. Anyone who watches the surveillance video can see Alba acted in self defense. If he has to stand trial, so be it. Death was his alternative.

Prepare for the Worst

Examining the case of Jose Alba can teach several valuable lessons about survival. First and foremost, the man was prepared. Alba had a knife in his store so that he had an option if ever forced to use it. Whether it be a gun, knife, baton, taser or your bare hands, you must have a means of self defense. Every man should have some basic training in a form of self defense; boxing and Jiu jitsu come to mind. Without it, consider legally carrying a weapon.

In addition to having a weapon on hand, Jose Alba, also had the right mindset. Analyzing his surroundings, he chose to fight back against his attackers. He was ready to defend his life, without hesitation. You should feel capable enough to respond the same way if forced into a violent confrontation. Hesitation could cost you your life.

Finally, he responded with deadly force until the threat was subdued. Many times guys believe they will magically win a fight with one punch and it will all be over. In reality, if you’re up against someone with bad intentions, they aren’t going to back down easily and will come at you with the deadliest of force. To ensure your own safety, continue to fight until you are sure the threat has been neutralized.

World class athletes have been known to visualize the game they are about to play in so their motions become automatic; almost rehearsed. Actors and musicians practice their performance several times before performing in front of crowds and cameras. Mentally and physically preparing yourself for a violent attack on your life will only help you survive if ever put into this situation. Give yourself a chance, and if you have to face a jury later, so be it.

-Your Big Bro