March’s Dad of the Month

It’s important to remain positive during these crazy times, and with this we have named our March Dad of the Month @medyacoub

He’s a 43 year old digital marketer from NY and proud ASU Graduate. Most importantly, he’s Mia’s dad! His parenting style has always been to set clear expectations yet allowing her the ability to be a free thinker in a reasonable and nurturing way. Being divorced,

he makes it a point to talk with her every day. He thinks it’s important to be nimble and adjust to Mia’s needs by allowing her to have input but also holding her accountable. “I value being there for Mia to empower her, and giving her the support she needs to believe in herself with conviction and confidence while still being a loving, steady, protective figure in Mia’s life.”

Med continued on: “My Ex once told me – be an example of the kind of man you expect your daughter to be with. She is 100% right that statement is a constant reminder to be a loving, steady, balanced man in Mia’s life, so she expects the same and will have a sense of security, love, and trust in her relationships with men.”

Med says the greatest thing about being a dad is experiencing the father/ daughter relationship blossom. The impromptu kisses, hugs and the random runs to the ice cream shop don’t hurt either. He says he’s so fortunate to have the opportunity to influence, guide, and encourage Mia to grow into a gracious young women. Congrats, Med! You are Enteringmanhood’s Dad of the Month for March!

– Your Big Bro