Best Summer ’20 Date Ideas

It’s been a rough year. We get it. You’ve been “quarantined” for four months, you’re tired of social distancing and you want to get close to someone. The dating scene has evolved over the first half of 2020, so if you’re eager to meet a sexy lady, it’s important for you to adapt to this covid-19 environment. Skip the “Zoom date”, because who isn’t sick of looking at a fucking screen all day, and jump right back into the dating pool (in a responsible manner). If you’re looking for some new prospects, but the usual spots like bars and lounges are closed, jump on a dating app and find a lady who meets your criteria. After putting her through your standard evaluation, you may want to give the first or second date a shot using one of these ideas:

  1. Day at the Beach: Scorching temps, open air, and salt water … plus the opportunity to socially distance from the masses. There’s no better date this Summer, especially because you get to see her in a bikini. Bring a cooler stocked with ice, drinks, and snacks and enjoy a relaxing day taking in the surf and sand. Don’t forget your sunscreen.
  2. Take a Hike: If you’re nowhere near a beach, or you hate that scene, this is the next best thing. Pick a beautiful trail within a couple hours of your home and stock a few backpacks with food and supplies. Be sure to check the forecast beforehand, as you won’t want to be out there in the extremely high temperatures. Nobody wants a trip to the ER right now.
  3. Outdoor / Rooftop Dining: I normally don’t recommend dining as a first date option because who wants to sit through a meal when they realize the person they’re with isn’t a good fit. This can be awkward as hell. But if you’ve properly vetted her before making the date, and you’re sure you are interested, give it a go. Many restaurants are now open with outdoor seating, and from my experience, they’ve planned accordingly and have taken the situation quite seriously. Its a pretty quick, seamless process, with almost no wait time and nearly impeccable service. You’ll be in and out of the place in under two hours, and you’ll get a taste of how society used to be. On top of this, you’re supporting local businesses who were hit extremely hard by covid-19. Throw the wait staff a larger tip than usual if you can. Trust me, they’ll appreciate it.
  4. You Are the Captain Now! In spite of the lock down, many boat companies are still offering tours in various cities. Providing the weather is right, sit outside on the deck, grab some cocktails and enjoy open air and beautiful views. These tours generally don’t last more than a couple hours, so no need to worry about getting stranded at sea with a stage five clinger.
  5. Road Trip: Once you commit to this, figure you’ll be with this lady for a week at the very least. This is not recommended for a first, second, or third date, but rather should be pursued with a female you are quite comfortable with. A road trip can be a fun adventure you plan together, as you map out your final destination and stops along the way. Whether you choose to sleep in hotels, or try your luck with AirBnB, this week long trip will feel significantly longer and will advance the relationship quite far. When you’re starting to get serious with someone, a surefire way to tell if you’re compatible is to take a trip together, as people tend to let their guard down and show you their true colors. The road trip will do this as well. As the end of it, you’ll either end up single again, or having fun times and great sex with a very cool chick.

Just because 2020 is abnormal doesn’t mean you have to be miserable. Good luck out there brother!

-Your Big Bro