Don’t Believe the “Dad Bod” Hype

These days, there is a lot of hype around pudgy, unhealthy men’s bodies. The media is doing it to promote a more ”inclusive” world, where the bar is set extremely low, and everyone gets a trophy. I ask that you don’t believe the ”dad bod” hype like these headlines below:

This summer Dad bods are still trendy

Dad bods are the new six pack

60% of women are attracted to dad bods

Men with dad bods have happier marriages

This is nonsense. If you want to give yourself an opportunity to live a high quality, long life, your health should be your number one priority. Without your health, you have nothing. It’s impossible to earn maximum income and physically care for your family if you are unhealthy, ill, incapacitated or dead.

Heart disease is the number one killer of men, followed by cancer. The odds of these occurring in your body increase dramatically if you’re overweight. Having a dad bod indicates you are overweight.

Instead of accepting obesity, illness, and poor quality of life, choose to be the healthiest version of yourself. If not for yourself, do it for your loved ones. They need you around for a long time. There are five core ways you can kick that Dad bod to the curb.

  1. Monitor your caloric intake. Apps like myfitnesspal make this easy. Studies have shown most people underestimate the amount of calories they consume daily. Basically, people are over eating and don’t realize it. This lowers your energy levels and can negatively impact your ”manly” functions.
  2. Check your weight and body fat percentage often, and record it. Any digital scale will do this for you. The number on the scale will be truthful, and it will keep you honest. Tracking your progress can be very motivational and fulfilling.
  3. Exercise regularly and stay in motion. We live very sedentary lifestyles, and with the human body designed for motion, this does not bode well for our joints and metabolism. Regular exercise burns excess calories and prevents your body from packing on the pounds.
  4. Don’t eat dinner later than seven, and throw in an intermittent fast every once in awhile. Metabolism slows down throughout the day for most people, meaning eating heavy later at night leaves more calories unburnt. Try eating lighter at night, and give fasting a chance as long as your doctor approves it. The benefits include heart health, memory boost, obesity prevention, and tissue health.
  5. Schedule regular checkups with your doctor, and consult a nutritionist to understand your ideal diet. Everyone’s body digests various foods with different levels of ease or difficulty. Cutting white bread may work for your buddy, but not for you.

If you’ve got a dad bod and deep down you really aren’t happy about it, stop staring at your screen and tune out the brainwashing. It wants to get you comfortable with the idea of being a pillsbury dough boy. Having a beer gut is not good for you, regardless of which mainstream media company is pushing that idea. The world needs strong men. 

-Your Big Bro