Entering Manhood

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June’s Dad of the Month

We are happy to announce June’s Dad of the Month is Zach, AKA Mr. Majestic @oldmanlogan4444! He is a 37 year old single dad from Florida, raising a strong young boy who turned two this

Guest Post by Your Little Bro: “The Art of Digital Seduction”

Not all forms of weaponry are tangible. Thus is the case in war, when militias use intimidation and mental warfare. Similarly, it is also the case in seduction, because the way you portray yourself can

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Wear a Blazer the Right Way

Blazers can dress up any type of shirt. Whether it be a fitted dress shirt, a polo, or even a v-neck tee; the blazer brings the outfit together and commands a different level of respect.

Will Your Super Bowl Box Pay Out?

Twenty six million Americans will bet on this year’s Super Bowl, making it the most legally bet on Super Bowl in history. New data from the American Gaming Association says those twenty six million Americans

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